Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchel, Bubblers, Empress Ayeola Conversation












Thank you going out to Veteran artist Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchel, 
The Iconic Bubblers & The Fyah Mamma Empress Ayeola for appearing 
on my show. Please take a listen

Music by TrueIdentity Vocal-Trio Paulette Tajah Pauline Catlin -Reid - Shezekiel
Kareem Shabaaz, Beverley Notes. Ras Kingjay was also featured.

Jayjayborn2sing-Ras Kingjay-True Indentity Conversation












Thanks going out to my guests Jayjayborn2sing, Ras Kingjay-
True Identity. You guys are simply AWESOME. We will be 
supporting your musical journey all the way. One love


General Culture On The Radio 18 July












On This show i played music by Prince Lincoln And
The Royal Rasses, Tony D Clutcheye, and more. 
I also spoke to Rupert Davidson, Marsha and Sharon. 


International Reggae Show 1st August 2015












International Reggae Show Featuring Reggae Artists From Across 
The World. Artists Featured Were - Princess From - UK -  
Fidempa From Kenya - Fkavour From Nigeria - Marca T From - 
Bermuda - Tuskani From Virgin Islands - Jah Niceness From Usa 
Raven Amani From Jamaica - Abadou From Dominica - Anen From Peru
Machaco From Japan - Idren From Philipines - Ras Muhammed - 
Shezekiel From Uk - Nadiva Devereaux  From Jamaica - Thank you
To All Who Called Into The Show Thank You All So Much.

Cedric Myton Conversation












Thanks going out to my guest "The Legendary Cedric Myton" 
for appearing on my "Live Conversation Show" and thank you 
going out to Lady General for making this conversation happen

Glen DaCosta On The Conversation Show












The Legendary Glen Dacosta Reasons And Shares With Us 
His Musical History And Journey. Please Take A Listen. 

Simply British Reggae Non Stop 15 July 2015













On this show i featured music by Jungleman Uk, Starkey Banton,
Mr Williamz, Jon Pecos, Marcia Ball, Aisha, Mar'lene, Cassandra London,
Ayesha Loren, Karen Schloss, Shezekiel, Janet Kay, Don Campbell, Guiding
Starr, Audrey Scott, Jimmy Lindsay 

Carlton Livingston On The Conversation Show












Thanks going out to Carlton "The Legendary Icon Livingston for
being my guest on the Live Conversation Show, sharing with us
his musical history and journey. Please take a listen.

Starkey, Kezia, Karen Conversation












Starkey Banton, Kezia Soul, Karen Schloss appeared on the Simply
British Reggae Non Stop Show. Please take a listen.