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  • Abadou

    Abadou has released several albums of which 'Come Together' is his latest. It was recorded at 'The Wailin' Trailer studios' and Red Lion Studios. The cover art was provided by Gerri George. Abadou is well known for the album 'Immigration Chase' released first in St Maartin. He has composed well over a hundred songs of which 50 or so have been released to the public. He has a few special ones waiting to be released at a future date. He has traveled and performed in Martinique, St Ba arts, Dominica, Guadeloupe, St Martin,( both Dutch and French sides) and is currently performing in the USA. Abadou was born as Antoine George in the village of Thibaud (pronounced Ti-Bo) on the island of Dominica. This is where, at the age of eight, Abadou fashioned a guitar made from boards, fishing twine and two empty tins of sardines. He tuned it to the tune of 'Do, Re, Me' and used it for the next three to four years. When one wore out he would construct another.

    At about the age of ten Abadou wrote his first song. It was about a red hen that he had pestered a lot, throwing stones at her. She had a batch of babies at the time and he passed her on a rainy day. She flew on him and he fell into the ditch, feathers flying and she giving him a what for. After his friends got a good laugh, Abadou went home and composed his first song ' Red Hen fly on Avon'. At the age of fifteen he went to Roseau to work in a factory; assembling furniture during the day and playing guitar at night. It was there he got to experience playing a real 'box' guitar. He found it very easy to play as he" didn’t have to press his fingers down so hard" to obtain a note as on his home-made guitars. His family and friends teased him a lot; saying he was calling rats or bringing rain by his playing. Of course it was all in good fun, but there was one person who always encouraged Abadou. It was the father of his best friend Lazarus. He would always tell him" Bravo, little Gil, one day you'll make it." (Abadou's father being big Gil). "I will always remember him for that".

    He was raised as a catholic from a child but was given some freedom to try out other faiths. He was baptized as a Pentecostal at age fourteen but stopped going to meeting after three days. He felt too pressured so it didn't feel comfortable for him. He was looking for God however, and the right spiritual path. When he was eighteen he started to talk to a Rasta about Selassi. At about the same time a seven year old boldly told him to "Put your locks, bald-head". He felt it was a message from God and so immediately began putting his locks the very next day. He has had his locks ever since. He began to study black history also in his twenties. He read about Bob Marley, Martin Luther King and Hail Selassi. All of these studies influenced his music. By the time he reached twenty-two, Abadou had put together his first band called 'The Earthquakes' and was playing gigs in Roseau. His first gig was on beach day on August Monday. He was playing lead guitar and he was so nervous, his hands were sweaty and his fingers kept slipping on the strings. Some of the guys in the crowd were saying 'This guy don't know how to play'. Finally by the third song he got a hold of himself and played like he was at practice. Then things went all right. Within a year he traveled to Guadalupe by himself. He played with 'Super Jazz', doing vocals, 2nd guitar and sometimes lead. This lasted about four years. Then, at age twenty-five, he traveled to Martinique to explore and to look for Reggae work. He began to work with 'Zion Train Imperial', a reggae band. He played concerts, doing lead guitar and vocal for six years in Martinique. After this time he left Martinique. He currently resides in the 'North country' where he loves the beauty of the snow in winter. Abadou have also worked with some of present Wailers and Peter Tosh's musicians such as Aston Barrett,  Robbie Lyn Lloyd, Gitsy to name a few. I have also shared the stage with several of Jamaica's top groups and artists such as Burning Spear, Chalice, Culture, Steel Pulse and more. He loves music and to spread the message of Rastafari. He has a love for humanity, all of creation and most of all, love JAH.






  • ABBA

    ROLLY PHILLIP known to reggae fans as ABBA Int’l was born in Trinidad and Tobago on 3rd January 1976. Although he was born in the country area of Manzanilla, much of his childhood was spent in Diego Martin. From his early childhood, ABBA Int’l was exposed to several types of genres of music from both sides of the family. A mixture of early country western music and the Caribbean sounds of reggae and calypso were the basis for his musical explorations. As ABBA Int’l grew, he accepted Rastafari and this livity reflected in his music. His compositions range from songs reflecting the principles of Rastafari to the issues that affect the less fortunate and oppressed in society. At times his messages are biblical or historical. On other occasions his songs are a cry for equality and justice or of encouragement. With a high energy delivery and style of singing that can be compared to none, ABBA Int’l continues to attract fans while spreading his messages of reality. With songs such as Without You, Been Too Long in Babylon and the controversial I Wanna Live.

    ABBA Int’l continues to produce reggae music of an international standard and worthy of an appearance on any stage. Stay tuned for new tracks such as Why Worry and In this World Right Now. As reggae continues to go forward in the realms of entertainment in Trinidad, ABBA Int’l has been able to gain more exposure and recognition by being part of the recently concluded Guiness Greatness on the Move Tour. The crowds were most receptive of his songs as he was often recalled for encores. Since the shows were broadcasted live over the internet, ABBA Int’l attracted listeners from around the world. During the Tour, ABBA Int’l shared the stage with artistes such as Marlon Asha, Prophet Benjamin, King David, Ziggy Rankin, Daniel Bless, Jah Banton and Jah Fire to name a few. With an attitude of hard work and discipline, ABBA Int’l remains in a class of his own. With support from his friends, family and fans, ABBA int’l continues to trod the righteous road with the guidance of Jah.


    PHONE :- 1.868.396.9261

    EMAIL:-  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Adam Teacha Barnes

                                                      Adam Teacha Barnes

    When one thinks of an elementary school teacher or a middle school social science teacher the first thing that comes to mind is not a reggae musician. Most of my experience in teaching through music has been from an Afro centric point of view, the roots of reggae. For me, this is the origin of humanity. Everything that we experience in American music containing soul has come from the African Diaspora, which is the movement of the black people throughout the Western world. From this catastrophe there are elements of beauty shining through the darkness. I was first introduced to reggae music when my friends came back from Jamaica with a plethora of reggae albums. We listened to Clint O’Neil religiously on the radio fighting through the pops and cracks interference, not much different than life. Continuing with this fascination of this bouncing looping African sound which is in simplistic form and rich in sound. It is profound. Unlike pulling a plant out of the garden looking at deep dark roots moist, black and connected. This is where I found my home. I was obsessed in a good way with this simple sound. Ghetto roots of this island far away in the Caribbean. I am blessed to have performed with reggae veteran producers Dennis Stone and Henry K and I have also been on three of their reggae albums. I would have never dreamed of that as a child in my room at 13, sitting with my casio keyboard transforming preset rhythms into reggae rhythms by slowing down the tempo and removing elements. Life is good. Reggae on…





  • Afreeka





    3960 W PT LOMA BLVD H162
    CELL: 619-456-7458
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    Summer Jamming By Afreeka


  • AJ Brown

    The Man Behind The Music

    Born in Montego Bay, AJ Brown ranks among Jamaica's greatest vocal talents. From Reggae to Jazz, World Beat to R&B, Pop to Classical, his vocal style transcends genres, musical eras, and generations. The influence of musical icons, such as, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Andrea Bocelli and Dennis Brown, is reflected in his work. AJ began singing ballads and reggae at his alma mata Cornwall College in the late 1960s early 1970s, earning him the respect and admiration of the city of his birth.

    His incredible talent drew international attention in 1980 when he out-shone all his competitors at a German talent contest and won the coveted trophy and his first tour of Germany where he captivated audiences in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt. His superior talent was undeniable, his charm untouchable and his success unstoppable! At the invitation of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) in the 1980s, AJ toured Europe, Canada, and the United States promoting Jamaica. In 2006, he would again be invited by the JTB to promote Jamaica at the 35th Houston International Festival (IFEST).

    From Glitzy Vegas to Movie Soundtracks

    AJ rose from humble beginnings in tropical Jamaica to the glitz and glamour of the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on the invitation of the CEO, Steve A. Wynn. He “ruled the roost” at the Mirage from 1989 to 1996 where he sang music of all genres and showcased his versatility and wide vocal range. He sang for Paul Anka at his birthday party in Lake Tahoe, Opened the Lagoon Saloon at the Mirage, Las Vegas, Tarzans Night Club at the Golden Nugget in Laughlin, Nevada.

    AJ kept boxing fans and TV viewers spellbound by hitting the highest notes of the U.S. national anthem with professional ease singing the Showtime Boxing Network hosted heavyweight title fight between Razor Ruddock & Gregg Paige at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Like Harry Belafonte, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Wayne Newton, and other great performers, AJ Brown (Jamaica's national treasure) left his mark in Las Vegas.

    Although AJ is most famous for his amazing voice, his proficiency as a prolific songwriter is not to be taken lightly. His talent and creativity has been featured on movie sound tracks, namely “Love People” on the soundtrack for the movie Club Paradise (starring Robin Williams, Peter O'Toole and Jimmy Cliff) and “All Fall Down” on the soundtrack for the movies The Howling Part 3 and The Fourth Protocol (starring Pierce Brosnan). AJ continues to add to his growing collection of recorded albums with the addition of the CD "Voice Of Love" 2009 and “For All Kinda People” 2011. "Voice Of Love" is a celebration of 10 of the world's greatest Classical love songs, including “You Raise Me Up” and “Con Te Partiro”.

    A Jamaican National Treasure

    AJ Brown's voice has been featured on numerous commercials for conglomerates like Coca Cola, Red Stripe Beer, JTB, and Air Jamaica. In addition to his own Brown Cat Record Label Albums, he has completed numerous singles on several compilation albums distributed by VP Records, Penthouse Records, Harmony House Records and Pot of Gold Records and recorded for reggae greats such as Beres Hammond, “the Chairman of the Board”, Ritchie Stephens and the Inner Circle Band “the Bad boys of Reggae. He has also collaborated with Grammy award winning producers Bobby ‘Digital' Dixon, and Barry O'Hare and other prominent producers like Computer Paul, Mickey Bennett, Tony Greene, Winston and Kurt Riley (father & son), Singing Melody and most recently Inner Circle Band.

    He has shared the stage with international superstars including Celine Dion, Dianna King, Shaggy, Dionne Warwick, Regina Bell, the Manhattans, The Chilites, Ray, Goodman and Brown, and Evelyn ‘Champagne' King. In addition, he performed a duet with Denise Williams at Reggae Sunsplash 1980s and headlined at “Professionals in Cabaret” February 2006.

    AJ performed at “Take Me Away” show hosted by Ritchie Stevens alongside Maxi Priest, Wayne Wonder, Freddie McGregor, John Holt and Ernie Ranglin and was featured prominently at the “Blues on the Green” jazz festival hosted by the US Embassy on the lawns of Devon House, where he not only sang but also exhibited his paintings.

    Tony Rebel invited AJ to celebrate with him on Rebel Salute 2011 and the crowd responded with overwhelming appreciation to AJ’s performance. It was triple threat at the Broward Center for the
    Performing Arts in Ft. Lauderdale where AJ shared the stage with Maxi Priest and Monty Alexander on “Reggae Jazz Fusion” the show was a resounding success. AJ performed on the 2009 and 2012 Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festivals to rave reviews and TVJ 2012 series of “Layers of Soul”. Reggae Sumfest 2012 was the next international event to enjoy AJ’s unique style and by October 2012, AJ was invited by internationally re-known Third World Band to share stages with them as their guest lead singer. It was Worrel King’s turn to invite AJ to the International known Western Consciousness celebrating 25 years April, 2013 and first show in Montego Bay.

    Art and the Artist

    The multi-talented AJ Brown further demonstrates his creativity through the detailed and expert blending of colors in his brush strokes as a master painter. AJ graduated from the Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts in Kingston, Jamaica and the University Of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) where he earned his B.A. in Art. He pours his passion into his paintings, in much the same way that he does with his music.

    As a noted philanthropist, AJ has lent his talent to numerous charitable causes, including The AJ Brown Fashion Follies a production that raises money for needy children's charities. The Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and other Jamaican Churches have benefited much from his talent as numerous church halls are now fully completed or near completion.

    With style and excellence, tempered by humility and sincerity, AJ Brown takes his audiences on a musical and visual journey, the journey continues.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.myspace.com/ajbrownmusic
    www.facebook.com/ajbootsbrown www.facbook.com/qwanman







    Respect cannot be learned,purchased or acquired , it can only be earned.
    Amaziah by virtue of her acute artistic integrity and sense of creative purpose, has acquired an ever increasing public who truly appreciate her for her work, dedication & honesty.

    One is here talking about an artist initially weaned on the Gospel of Mahalia Jackson, who has flourished to now be consummately at ease with many sounds & styles whether incorporating Reggae, Jazz, soul, blues and tinges of Rock.

    Amaziah is an artist who is preoccupied with conveying & transmitting her delivery in order to emotionally nourish her audience to a high standard of feeling, by touching their most intimate musical centres & energising them.

    In a live stage Performance one can witness a woman seeking to expand the capacities of her voice, searching into herself to create new dimensions  of vocal expressiveness, though always within the confines of creative Quality control.

    As a singer/songwriter Amaziah,s own compositions are both celebratory & healing, & by fully understanding the language of live performance, she is able to project her warmth & passion with potency.  By virtue of this, anyone irrespective of age or background is able to connect with her message.
    There is absolutely no doubt that this artist is a musical commodity of a high calibre.
    Amaziah's music is about Love,Unity, & peace, and against antipathy,discord & hate. With a driven belief in the power of the spirit affecting the quality of the art, her singing expression can, at times seem meditative & it is this that attracts soothing the listeners ear.

    Amaziah's latest work is with musician, producer & musical engineer Mr DEREK FEVRIER ( A.K.A DEMONDO).
    Mr Fevrier contacted Amaziah to work on a new project he started in 2011, called NU-LOVERS. This was a 2 cd album with various artists called Damsels & crooners. This was to be the first of the NU-LOVERS productions. They have since gone on to record the 2nd NU-LOVERS album due for release early this year again with various artists.

    Amaziah & Derek Fevrier have also just completed Amaziah's DEBUT ALBUM. Also due for release this year, the Album features CIYO BROWN on guitars, truly a magnificent sound.

    AMAZIAH an artist true to her creative temperament with a stage presence you can feel.   


  • Amlak

    Born and raised in the volatile community of Dunkirk, East Kingston, Amlak is a young artiste that does the type of music that constantly hits hard in the ears of political figures and the system overall.

    As a kid, Amlak was known for entering talent shows in his community.He usually won these contests because of his strong delivery. He would practice and perform songs that his uncle, Spragga Benz, had in rotation on the local radio stations.

    In his teenage years, Amlak went to Excelsior High, St. Georges College and Dunoon Park Technical High School. He entertained everywhere he went because of the ability that he had mimicking his uncle. After high school, he migrated to America where he went to college and achieved his Associates Degree in Computer Applications. During this time, he held back in entertainment to focus on other goals until recently in 2008 when his cousin, Spragga's son, was murdered in Jamaica.

    Carlyle loved music like his father and wanted to be involved in the industry when he came of age but sadly, his life was cut short. Amlak was very close to his cousin Carlyle, and when he died Amlak decided that he wanted to take up music again to honor the memory of his life.

    After the death of Carlyle, Amlak started writing again and soon started to record officially with other young producers as well as doing his own production.

    Since his uncle Spragga is the general of the Red Square Army it was only natural that Amlak aligned himself with the movement. Amlak grew up on Red Square corner so that was another clear indication where his loyalty would be.

    Ultimately, Amlak's goal is to be successful in the music business so that he can contribute to his family and the Carlyle foundation which helps young people with talent achieve their goals without the financial limitations that many face.


  • Anen

    This artiste ANEN, has just completed one great album for what has been said, by some of the best talents in the music industry, to be a great work befitted for the highest standard of exposure. These talents Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare (from the Sly & Robbie), Dean Fraser, & the ‘Big Belly Man’ Chaka Demus, did collaborations with ANEN in his album "CAMBIO:CHANGE".   ANEN’s Cambio is firing out of the Studios of the legends at Harry J´s, Kingston, Jamaica by Stephen Stewart (Producer & Burning Spear’s keyboard player), and is the revolutionary sound of reggae in Spanish - the mellow & real sound of Roots Reggae.    We send these electronic addresses for you to visit and experience ANEN’s work.

    Peruvian- born, ANEN is not a stranger to the stage, and we looks forward to discussing the possibilities of showcasing his work in your celebrated and wellacclaimed festivals. We thank you in advance for taking the time to consider how "cambio" could create more bridges internationally with the Jamaican flavour of Anen’s work mixed into your superb blend of diverse festival rhythms.    Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities of having reputed artiste, Anen, tuning the stage into a “feeling” (also a featured songs in Cambio) that one will never forget.  



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  • Angella Stewart

    Sensational songbird Angella Stewart has been thrilling audience for over twenty-five years with her smooth, sultry, melodious tones, hailing from Kingston, Jamaica. Angella is the ‘First Lady’ of a musical family that includes singer Tinga Stewart, Roman Stewart and the late musician own ‘Fox’ Stewart.
    Angella’s outgoing, people-loving personality enables her to reach out and touch the spirit with her songs of inspiration and love. Angella launched her oversea performance career as an opening act for one of reggae’s most internationally successful bands, Steel Pulse at the Sunrise Musical Theatre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1981. Angella has since then continued to tour the globe from Jamaica, Europe, Canada and the United States.

    Beginning with ‘Ready for the Love’, her first recording produced by U Brown, Angella has worked with some of reggaes renowned producers including John Carol, Willie Lindo, Percy Chin/Jah Life, Owen ‘Fox’ Stewart, Sly & Robbie. Her recording credits are two albums; ‘Good Good Loving’ and ‘Teasing’ for Miami Based Calabash Records, with various singles like ‘Getty Getty Nuh Want Ti’, ‘Groove Me’, ‘Born to Lose’, ‘Could I Have this Dance’, ‘Remember that Sunday’ and a Christmas Classic ‘Gee Wiz It’s Christmas’. Angella also did a splendid cover of Marcia Griffiths (Survival). Angella have worked with artist such as Mighty Diamonds, Beres Hammond and Neville Lindo.

    Angella’s first international hit, was in 1982 with ‘When Love Comes Knocking at Your Door’ recorded at Dynamic Sound Studios, it rose to the #9 position on the charts in Holland and later it was covered by (Queen Ifrica) and was followed by ‘Breakfast in Bed’ and ‘Just One Look’ which also enjoyed popularity in Europe. Angella won the El Suzie Award, for the Most Promising Female Vocalist Award in 1982, held at the Carib Theatre in Kingston Jamaica. Angella went on to enjoy chart-topping success with her 1984 number 1 hit ‘Moonlight Lover’ which also received Best Love Song of the Year awarded held at the Carillon Branch Hotel by the Reggae Connection of WEDR in Miami, Florida. Her original composition ‘Good Good Loving’ remained at #1 for five weeks on the UK Charts. The British Group. Golden Touch later covered Good Good Loving.

    In 1990 Angella crowned Shabba Ranks the King of the DJ’s at CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines, FL. And in 1996 Angella opened for The Queen of Dancehall (Lady Saw) in Fort. Lauderdale FL.
    In 2004, Angella hailed as “The First Lady Of Love” enchanted us again with her third album entitled ‘Empress of Love’. The 12-track album was launched at the Head Quarter of JAVAA’S Jamaica Vibe in New Kingston, Jamaica. Jah Life Records, her current record label, base in New York, distributed the album in the United States and all over the world.

    Angella now reflects “I was aboard for a while working with the Calabash Company but I think it is now time to reconnect with my fans at home and all over the world. I do think the time is ripe for more of my music to smooth the heart and souls of the people”.
    In 2006 Angella tour with The Ethiopians, Heptones, The Silverton’s, The Melodians, and Big Youth an incredible line up of “Blasts from the Past” from Studio One Blvd to Kingston, Jamaica.
    Angella has performed songs from her extensive discography to live audiences everywhere, she will continue to expend herself ceaselessly as Jamaica musical gift to the world.



    1) Groove Me (1979)
    2) When Love Come Knocking At Your Door (1982)
    3) Feel So Good (1985)
    4) Breakfast In Bed
    5) Makes Me Love You
    6) Ready For The Love

    1984 - Good Good Loving
    (Original Press):

    "Good Good Loving" 1884 - (Original Version)
    1) Moonlight Lover. 2) Hurting Me Boy. 3) Tonight Is The Night. 4) Can I Have This Dance. 5) Feel Like Dancing. 6) Live. 7) Good Good Loving. 8) Voices In The Wind. 9) Turn My Life Around. 10) A Little Love.
    [Label: Calabash Records (Lp: 1984)(Digital Release: 2012)]

    1989 - Teasing
    (Original Press):

    "Teasing" 1989 - (Original Version)
    1) Just One Look. 2) Wait In Vain. 3) Feel So Good. 4) Rapture. 5) You And I. 6) Survival. 7) Don't Say No. 8) If I Were You. 9) Breakfast In Bed.
    [Label: Calabash Records (Lp: 1989)(Digital Release: 2012)]

    2004 - Empress Of Love
    (Original Press):

    "Empress Of Love" 2004 - (Original Version)
    1) Breakfast In Bed. 2) Don't Say No. 3) Survival. 4) Let Me Wait In Vain. 5) Mothers Of Creation [Feat. Marcia Ball]. 6) Mothers Of Creation [DJ Mix]. 7) Winnie Mandella. 8) Just One Look. 9) You And I [Feat. Neville Lindo]. 10) Rapture. 11) If I Were You. 12) Feel So Good. 13) We Need Jah.
    [Label: Jah Life Records (Cd: 2004)(Digital Release: 2012)]


  • Anthony Cruz

    ANTHONY CRUZ is a singer, songwriter, producer, nephew of reggae singer “GARNET SILK” and his soulful voice and classy attire have many people referring to him as one of the most charismatic entertainers. There’s no mistaking the mesmerizing effect he has on the ladies. After a decade of holding his own in the music business, this talented singer is cruising his way to becoming one of Jamaica’s greatest singers; nominated for Best Male Reggae Artist in the British Reggae Industry Awards (B.R.I.A) 2012 and his "CRUZ CONTROL" album for REGGAEVILLE.com album of the year in Europe! He is also the recipient of the 2006 Reggaesoca Music Award for Best Reggae Combination “Too Bloody” featuring Grammy Winner Buju Banton in Florida.

    Born ROWAN SMITH on December 17th, Anthony Cruz grew up in Mandeville, Manchester. Hailing from a talented musical family, with uncle Garnett Silk, cousin Aaron Silk and parents who were excellent singers – Cruz was convinced from a young age that he was destined to be a great singer. After graduating from Holmwood Technical High School, he migrated to the United States, spending a few years in New York before moving to Miami. In 1993, while residing in Miami, fate would lead him to meet producer Willie Lindo who was impressed with a demo tape he heard of the artiste. Lindo decided to take him under his wings, working with the young singer to hone his rich vocals. Under his management, Cruz’s career blossomed and the singer learned the ropes of the entertainment business.

    Convinced the world was ready for him, Lindo released Cruz’s debut single, ‘Tell Me What’s Up’ (an original). It wasn’t long before Cruz became a hit in Miami with the number one tune, ‘Just Call My Name’. The single made him a household name, and as it made its way to the airwaves and charts in New York, England and other places, Cruz’s popularity increased. He consequently released his debut album titled ‘Where There Is Love’ produced by Willie Lindo. The album featured the title track, ‘When You Get Lonely’ and ‘Love Will Never Die’.

    In 1999, Cruz decided to return to Jamaica to claim his piece of the pie in the land of his birth and the home of Reggae music. The first song he recorded was titled ‘Maria Maria’ (a cover of the Santana/Product G&B big hit) on the Chemist label. The lovers’ rock singer went on to record for other producers, releasing tunes like the popular ‘Dem Boy Deh Nuh Really Know We’ for CJ Records, ‘You Remind Me’ for John John, "Closer I Get to You", ‘Single Once Again’, ‘In The Club’ (a combination with Louie Culture), ‘Crazy Over You’, ‘Love Has Taken Over Me’, ‘Turn It Up’, ‘I Pray’, ‘A Man’s Weakness’ and his big hit ‘You Got It Bad’ for Mixing Finger.

    Continuing on the path to take his career to the ultimate level, Anthony Cruz signed a management, booking and recording contract with 5th Element Records in the summer of 2000. His sophomore album “Mama Blessing” and title track was released in December 2005. After five successful years with label mates Richie Spice & Chuck Fender, he departed in September 2005 and launched his independent recording label, Shanshan Music with popular singles such as “Never Too Much” featuring BEENIE MAN, “Burn Dem” featuring CAPLETON, “I Won’t Wait” by LUCIANO and "Anthony Cruz & Friends - Formula Riddim" compilation cd featuring Luciano, Capleton, Richie Spice, Teflon, Spanner Banner, Mitch, Mr Perfect, Mitch & Symfoni.

    His 3rd album “Fight With All Your Might” was released on Penthouse/VP Records in April 2008 and he established "CRUZ-I Publishing" with performance rights society ASCAP. Determined to break into the film industry, he signed a deal with "CleverSoul Publishing - www.cleversoulpublishing.com"; a US based company & member of ASCAP, BMI and the Harry Fox Agency with a primary focus on collecting performance, mechanical and digital royalties from commercial radio, TV, Films, satellite radio, internet radio, cable TV and on demand streaming sites worldwide! The single "Fly Away With Me" from the album was featured in Dr AASA TV Program in Denmark, Finland and Norway according to ASCAP (The American Society of Composers,Authors & Publishers) in 2010.

    Cruz released 2 thought provoking songs & videos in 2010 titled “Back Downtown” and “Leaders Of The World.” Former Prime Minister, BRUCE GOLDING endorsed “Back Downtown” during the Tivoli Resolution Project. The song was a tribute to the creativity and the tirelessness of the people who live and work in the Downtown Kingston commercial district and highlight the positives of downtown in the post-Tivoli incursion era. The video was directed by ASHA and has a cameo by the legendary Dean Fraser on saxophone.

    Anthony Cruz is a firm believer in supporting community development and charities. He teamed up with NFL Players Corey Mays of the (Kansas City Chiefs) & Derrick Williams of the (Detroit Lions), the New Love Foundation, P DIDDY former assistant Fonzworth Bentley and actress Faune Chambers to help promote literacy in BELIZE 2011. They raised funds for a library and computer lab to help keep fifty children in ST MARYS school.

    Over the years Cruz showcased his unique style and soulful voice on prominent events such as Sting, Irie Jamboree, GT Taylor Extravaganza, Rebel Salute, Reggae Sunsplash, Rottom Reggae Splash, Summerjam, Capleton “St Mary Me Come From”, Stone Love’s annual anniversary dance, not to mention several school fetes where the girls swarm him like bees to honey as he charms his way into their hearts.

    As a versatile artist, Cruz always explores themes of love, culture and reality lyrics with songs like: ‘People Ballin’ on the truths & Rights riddim for Bobby Konders (Massive B Label), Dem Block Di Road, Mama’s Blessings, Turn It Up, Half Way Tree, No Gun a Dance, Woman I Love, Woman 24-7, Lose Dem Head, Respect, You’ll Think Of Me and Only The Father on John Johns’ remake of Bob Marley Coming in from the cold riddim.

    Anthony Cruz is now focusing on expanding his Shan Shan imprint, touring, increasing his music catalog and fanbase! His 4th studio album “CRUZ CONTROL” was released on his own Shan Shan Music label last year and is available at Amazon and ITUNES! His latest singles "Mother & Daughter" and "Don't Test We" are doing well. Considering that he is so engrossed in music that he sings morning, noon and night…even in his sleep…the world can expect great things from this talented singer and songwriter.

    BOOKINGS: (973)985-1369, 876 432 -3781, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    BOOKINGS JA:(876) 432-3781 BB Pin:2750216b

    DUBPLATES: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




  • Anthony Malvo

    Anthony Malvo was born on January 4th in Kingston, Jamaica.  He began his singing career in the early 1980s in Kingston on the Legendary “Black Star Sound System."  Malvo later moved on to perform and record with the "King Jammys" label.   Anthony Malvo featuring Tiger recorded his first number one hit single entitled, “Come Back to Me” on the Winston Riley label, Techniques. Malvo continued with numerous hit songs like “Can You Stop the Rain,” “Ready or Not,”  “Sensi” featuring Josie Wales, “Greatest Gal Lover," and "Jump and Spread Out" both featured Daddy Lizzard.  "Jump and Spread Out" made the American Billboard chart back in the 80s, which lead Malvo and Daddy Lizzard to perform in the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City.  

    In the early 90s, Anthony Malvo teamed up singer Anthony Red Rose and started their own music production label named after Anthony Malvo’s hit song produced by Sly and Robbie on the Taxi label, entitled, “How Yu Fi Say Dat.”  Together Malvo and Redrose recorded and produced the first number one hit song for Beenie Man, entitled, “Wicked Man.”  The hits continued with a series of number one hit singles like, “Report to We” featuring Sean Paul, “Quarter to Twelve,” featuring Simpleton, “Bag Juice on Base,” featuring Fabby Dolly, “Dun Wife," featuring Cobra “Antichrist,” featuring Captain Barky, “Guns and Roses,” featuring Bounty Killa, Malvo and Redrose, "Die without you," featuring Brian and Tony Gold, and Capleton.  

    In 1999, Malvo decided to launch his own production and recording career. He started the label, “Real Music Production.”  The first single he produced was “My Heart Belongs to you,” featuring himself. He continued to produce artists like Capleton and Glen Washington on the “Identify " rhythm. The songs was placed on Capleton’s VP Records Grammy nominee album, “Still Blazing” entitled “Jah is Going to Work it Out."  Anthony Malvo also recorded and produced Junior Kelly, Dawn Penn, and Admiral Baily on the same rhythm “Identify.” Anthony Malvo continued to produce music on his own label, "Real Music Production."

    In 2002 to 2003, Malvo produced and recorded another hit rhythm         entitled, “Ballistic Affair."  Malvo along with Capleton recorded, “One Day Rude Boy."  The video was featured on the Jamaica top-ten video chart and broadcasted in the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. The "Ballistic Affair" rhythm included the chart topping hit song entitled “Ballistic Affair” with Leroy Smart featuring Bounty Killa, which hit the top-ten reggae charts in Jamaica, United States, Canada, Japan, and parts of Europe. The "Ballistic Affair" rhythm also featured artists like Buju Banton, Sizzla, Warrior King, Shine Head, Anthony B, Bush Man, Warrior King, and Wayne Wonder.

     In 2003 to 2004, Malvo released a compilation of hits that were the foundation of his singing career, entitled “The Best of Anthony Malvo, Eighties and Nineties.”  The album was released through VP Records and was a huge success in North America, Japan, and the European markets.  The album is available through VP Records.

     Later in 2004, Malvo released a rhythm compilation LP/CD entitled,
    “Hot Gyal” on the "Real Music Production" label in collaboration with VP Records as part of their Riddim Driven series. The "Hot Gyal"  rhythm featured artists like Brian and Tony Gold,  featuring Bounty Killer, Anthony Malvo featuring Capleton, Sizzla, featuring Gigsy King, Mr. Lex, Vybes Kartel, Anthony B, Wayne Wonder, Daville, Lukie D, Round Head, and others.

       In 2006 Anthony Malvo released the “Sit Dun Pon it” rhythm featuring artist like Anthony Malvo and Capleton, Pinchers and Vybes Kartel, Luciano, Blessed, Shinehead, Anthony B, and many more. Currently in 2011, Anthony Malvo has been touring the United States and Canada performing in a variety of venues, including nightclubs, festivals, outdoor activities, and private functions.  Recently in November 2011 he completed a United States tour with Flourgon.  In  addition to his many shows, Anthony Malvo released "Ungrateful" in 2009 with a video featuring himself, which hit the charts in Jamaica and internationally and continues to be a big hit today.  In 2010, Anthony Malvo released his lovers' rock song, entitled "Spoil fi mi woman" and in 2011, he released "Cyaan Draw wi out," featuring Sizzla and "Bad Mind People," of which both are currently playing in Jamaica and around the world.
       In October 2011, Anthony Malvo performed in Boston, Massachusetts for the American Cancer Society and received an award for his support and musical contribution toward the successful breast cancer event.  Additionally, November 2011, in Bridgeport Connecticut, Anthony Malvo received a "Lifetime Achievement Award" for his 30-years contribution to Reggae music.  Anthony Malvo's history in the Reggae music industry has been rich and impeccable.  Malvo's experience has provided him opportunities to work with countless singers, musicians, and performances on many tours in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean.   His plans for the future are to continue to produce, perform, and create positive and real music his fans around the world.

    Anthony Malvo
    Facebook/Anthony Malvo
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    347-891-2999 or 347-891-0266


  • Antony Richards

    Antony Richards was born in Wandsworth, and part of a large family. His singing career began at age 18.  He started singing/sing J style on his older brother’s sound system called “Rock Carny”.

    Antony, was influenced by the following artist: Johnny Osborne, Al Campbell and Dennis Brown, Linval Thompson. Also, other good singers in the lovers rock scene. After, sometime he decided to set up a label, with his brother Martin and Styla C.

    Moreover, Antony meet up with a long-time family friend Paul H, who provided him with musicians from the Albians and the Surface Band to play the music. He went into the studio to record the George Nooks version of “If You Should Lose Me”. The “Mama Let Go” baseline was used on Antony’s version of the song. The track was sang by Antony and recorded at “JJ Studio” in Balham.

    The song received a very good review from Simon Buckland from Black Echoes. He then released a track called “To Make Love Work”, which was released on the CME label.

    This track was played on “Capital Radio” by David Rodigan. Antony’s, brother Martin gave a copy of the track to Mikey Koos  from “ Times Radio” who interviewed and organized his PA’s  with the following artist’s: Nerious Joseph, Ladies Choice , Ciyo, Arema and Theo Jones. To name a few.  He, co-producer a few garage/dance tracks with a reggae vibe which did well.

    After losing contact, Antony meet up with Paul by chance and he suggested that they produce a single/album. Antony, re-sang “You’ll Lose A Good Thing” which has been well received, and was No 1 in the reverbnation charts. Antony has returned to the scene and has done PA’s on Big T promotions with “Susan Cadagon, Winston Reedy and Donna Marie”.



    IF YOU SHOULD LOOSE ME (1980)                                                                                                        TO MAKE LOVE WORK(80)   

  • Archieious

         My name is Donville Brown(Archie),i am a reggae/dancehall artist, my artist name is Archieious, i am a born Jamaican, i was born in the parish of St.Thomas in a litte district name Hampton Court,i attend the Hampton Court Basic School, Duckenfield Primary School, and the Stocks Hall Secondary School. All in the parish of St.Thomas. The Hampton Court Pentecostal church was the place of worship on a sunday, at the church they have a few musical instruments, but there was this wind instrument, i love to hear the sounds that it makes, the love that i had for this instrument help me to play it. After i found the way how to use it, every sunday it was there for me to played, that was the time and place when i got connected with music. After church on sunday, you know it's school on monday, at school there were no musical instruments available to us, so the desk top was the thing,(our musical instruments), I provided the beat and my friends would sing and dj, and this goes on until i graduate. Now, no school, no church, i'am on the road doing what ever,until i meet up with Mr.Edward Haye (Heady), Heady was an electrician in my district, he was also a sound system(Super Kat Disco)ower,i was learning electrical installation with Heady, however and whenever the sound system was playing i was always present lifting boxes, this did't goes on for too long before i started to do the wireing and playing the sound system, after playing the sound system for a while, i discover that i am nice on the microphone, at the end of a session,(the party), i would put on a version of a song and then dj, my co-workers and some friends, also people who hear me doing my thing always telling me to take it serious,i kept on playing the sound system for a long while, still not taking the artist thing serious. One night i was playing the sound system in the community centre at Hampton Court, when i got a surprise, my father Mr.Harold Brown was there without my knowledge, until my brother Dave Brown came over to me and said "hail up dah man yah"(say hi to this man), when i took a good look,the man was my father, he then turn to me and said "mi a duh dis long before yuh, same place yah sooh"(i'am doing this long before you, at this same place),I felt so good hearing what my father had just said. A few days pass by, one day me, my brother and my father was talking, and he said to us "mi neva get fi dwit, soh mi wah fi seh one a unnuh a entertain the world"(I never get a chance to entertain the world, so i want to see one of you do that),so i said to myself, that's my calling, but i still never make a move to it.

    In 1993 the table turn and i ended up in U.S.A. in the Bronx NY. While in NY for about a month or so, i was introduce to a sound system (King Rockler Int.) owner, Dwight from 1384 Boston Rd.,Bronx,NY. Dwight then gave me a trial and he liked the vibes, so i began to play the sound system for a while, One day in the summer while we were in the basement of the building cleaning and arranging the sound system, Dwight had invited some of his friends from over in Brooklyn to come over and join us, we were there playing music drinking and having a good time, i was playing the sound system when one of my friend(Bally)said to me "mi want a clash a dj clash", so i announced the clash, the clash take off and they kill my friend (Bally),lyrically.l then took the microphone, and i did fix them, from one to all, One of the guys was taking it personnal and wanted to fight, but this did not go any were. Dwight then turn to me and said "a yuh a de dj, Archie a yuh a de dj(you are the artist),I was then began looking into myself. Any way Some time pass by, then i move to central Florida, Orlando, there i meet another sound system ower name Cappo, he too liked my vibes after the trial, so i began to play his sound system, one night after playing at a club he said to me "yow control de sound "(take control of the sound system),in which i did, so the sound system was at my house, there i began to do some practicing, making songs, i recorded what i have done, i took them to Cappo for him to listen, after he finished listening to them he said to me, "yuh a wase time, mek use a dem ting yah" (you are wasting your time, make good use of your talent), I began to play my songs on the sound system and in my car, whenever i played them, i love the response that i was getting, at this point of time, i got the urge to do some songs, so i then link up with a singer name Cupid, who knew some people, so he then made some links, one of them connected, that's how i meet Dorrell, Dorrell was the owner of a dubplate studio on Church Street, down town Orlando, i began going to the studio at times, while there i meet another sound system owner name Mark (Black Rose Sound), i also play that sound system too for a while, then i meet Joe, Joe is a rasta man from east Portland, in Jamaica, he was the one who builted beats (rhythm), he also was telling me, that i need to get serious and do somthing before somthing do me. I was so conscious about the reggea/dancehall music to know that Jamaica is the place to be if i wanted to be a real reggea artist, i think about it so hard and long, some of the time i got so confuse, but it never stop there, finally my mind was made up on becoming an artist, so i pack all my stuff and say goodbye to America, and hello to Jamacia, that was a decision, any way i return to Jamaica on January 30,1998, now i'am in Jamaica this is were the real pursue started, it took a cuple of months for me to find a studio were i could learn some more about what i wanted to do, becoming an artist, i was from one studio to the other, until i get in touch with Kibba Ranks, Kibba was a long time friend, he told me to come check him at Exidus studio on Mannings Hill Rd. That's were i learnt a lot about using the rhythm the right way (get my experience) at this time i builted a song and wrote it , title: No bad mind friend, this was about 2000-2001. i did a demo of it, anyway that was only showing me that i could really do it, i continue writing songs after songs, in the mid part of the year 2002, i voiced a song for Kibba on his God talk rhythm, this was my second time in a voicing room, the only difference is that, this time i was doing it at the Anchor recording studio, this recording then gave me a drive, which got damage in the long run, because things din't work out as how we had planed, i never give up but i was a bit worried, because what i was looking for was not coming, that big break.

        At the end of the year 2003, the Surfire recording studio management kept a stage show at the Golden Grove playing field in St.Thomas, Jamaica.l was an act on the show, along with Mr.Lexx, Danny-English & Eggnogg, Quench Aid, Richie Spice, Truck Fender, and a lot more artists. Stone Love was the backing sound system, it was my time now to hit the stage, i was there on stage doing my thing, the song that i was singing was, "No bad mind friend", when i was getting down in the song, i just felt the cordless microphone hit me on my mouth, fallowed by a loud noise as if something exploded in the sound boxes, then!! a bottle fell on the stage in front of me, i then realized that some one had throw a bottle on me, let me tell you something, this happen so fast. l then pause for a while, took up the bottle with the intention to throw it back in the crowd, to tell you the truth, when i lift my hand up to throw the bottle, it's like a loud voice said to me,"what are you doing?" i then regain a moment of consciousness, and when i took a good, good look in the crowd, there were number of women standing right there in the line of fire, so i put the bottle down and was trying to say something on the microphone, but by this the microphone was broken by the bottle, i then left the stage, i felt so destroyed as if i most gave it up. Mr.Lexx was the one who gave me some words of encouragement, which strengthen me, let me tell you the truth that thing hit me so hard, it took a long time for me to get back on my mission, anyway, with strong determination i overcome and kept on writing songs only. About June 2005, i return to St.Thomas and i began working at the Duckenfield sugar factory in St.Thomas, Jamaica, i was doing security work, one night i was working in the sugar house, i was by myself meditating, then the next thing i know,i was singing something about fighting poverty, it sounds good to me, so i wrote it, when the song was complete, i took it to one of my friend, Imorie Beacher, for her to read it, after finish reading it, she turn to me and said "sing it now" i did, she then say to me "Donville this is a number one(1)song, i like it, and i want to hear it on the radio", i said to her don't worry you will, i work at the sugar factory up until the end of the year 2008, at this time i was redundant. Now i'am not working, so i was saying to myself, well, this is the time for me to launch out, i then started making some links, a few of them got connected, so i return to kingston, this was about mid 2009, i then link up with Allie at the Acre Entertainment studio, there i began doing some voicing, i voiced songs like Poverty, Yuh nuh more than mi, How long, and weak. One day i was at home playing my CD. a car pull up at the the gate and stop, i was at the gate standing, the person in the car was Richard (Richie), a long time friend, greet each other, then he said to me "a who that a sing?"(who is that singing?) and i said to him, it's me and he said, "a lie yuh a tell" (you are telling me a lie) and i said to him, God know, he then said "soh how mi nuh hear nuh song wid yuh pon de radio?" (how is it i don't hear any of your songs on the radio), i said to him, i don't have the money to do that, and he said to me "don't worry mi ago mek it happen, mi ago talk to mi uncle"(don't worry, i will make it happen, i'am going to talk to my uncle). this was about mid 2011, anyway this did't happen as he spoke. A few months pass by, one day i received a phone call, it was from Richie's uncle, kenneth, he told me that he has spoke to Richie and he wanted to hear the songs, i sent them off to him, in about two(2)days time Kenneth called me and he told me that he was interested, but he had to talk to one Dice,"Dice is the producer, and anything he say's" a few days pass by, then one day i receive another phone call it was Kenneth, he and Dice was on the line, we spoke for almost one(1)hour, we came to an agreement and got things straighten out, they both agree to work with me. I felt so good on hearing that, my wife also played a very important role in moulding me into an artist, she always be giving good words of encouragement, she was always saying "honey i know you can do it, because the songs them shot." Just in case you want to know how i get the name Archieious, one day i was setting up my gmail account, and i made a mistake, i was supposed to wrote Archielous and wrote Archieious, and to me this was kinder different so i kept it.

    You can find Archieious on the net @: www.facebook.com/Archieious

    If you want to contact me.
    and my email addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    I most say special thanks to: Richard, Kenneth, Dice, Allie, kibba Ranks, Heady, Cappo, Darrell, Joe, Dwight and my wife Mrs.Denise Brown for the role they play in getting Archieious on the road. God bless us all. Written by: Donville Brown/ Archieious



  • Asante Amen

    “I believe I was born to sing the Most High’s praises and inspire people through sound”. This sentence describes to a tee the kind of artist Asante Amen – born Gavin Walters – is.

    As a singer/songwriter he has penned many songs and has added harmonies to numerous others during his time in the music business. As a performer he has graced the stages of some of the more prestigious events in reggae music such as: Rebel Salute (JA), Irie Jamboree (USA), St. Mary Mi Come From (JA), and the annual Dennis Brown Tribute concert (JA) among many others. He has performed in the United States of America, the Bahamas, Grenada and all across Jamaica; however this is just the beginning for Asante as he looks forward to his music carrying him to places and venues all over the world.

    Asante Amen has had the privilege of collaborating on tracks with artists such as Lutan Fyah and Jah Thundah as well as a host of other local and international reggae artists. He has also performed alongside Reggae greats such as Luciano, Tony Rebel, L,U.S.T, Ken Boothe, Queen Ifrica and Beenie Man to name a few. For Asante, music speaks to him in a very special way and so far, by all accounts, his singles releases to date have been well received by reggae fans all over.

    In 2011 Asante was in full swing as he enjoyed major rotation across the USA, Canada and many Isles in the Caribbean for the first half of the year with the single, WIPE YOUR TEARS (Nite Lite Prodns). He also enjoyed a one month stay on the KDVS 90.3 FM Reggae/African Top 25 album chart in California, USA at the beginning of that year with his EP release: OVER THE YEARS.

    The upswing for his music and support from close persons around him inspired the self-release of the full album of the same title as the EP in July of 2011. A digital release, the album has and continues to receive rave reviews from various sources across the world and Asante Amen is more confident now than ever to push his music to the next level.

    For 2013 to 2014, the focus is set firmly on promoting his new singles ‘Only Ras Tafari’, ‘Rough A Yard’, ‘Love Love’ and ‘Me A Feel It’. In addition to these singles, which have been getting airplay locally and internationally, there are also a number of other singles and sophomore album to look forward to from Asante Amen.

    To book Asante Amen for your events, interviews or for production work, please contact Mr. Norman ‘Street Kid’ Richards (JA): 1-876-6907; Ms. Sue Oliver (UK): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or High Priest Records: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




  • Audrey Scott

    Audrey was born in Birmingham to Jamaican parents and moved to London when she was 12 years old. Audrey sang both in the church and school choirs & also a little drama while living in Birmingham.

    Audrey’s interest in music began at an early age where she’d sing along to Millie Smalls’ ‘My boy Lollipop’ with her elder siblings, who were also musical. Her older brother Jimmy Stratdan had hits with ‘So Long Baby’ & ‘Lorraine’ while working with Junior English in the early 70’s.

    Her interest in music developed more while at college where she met Janette Edwards, who was singing with a band at the time and Janette introduced Audrey to the keyboard player Noel (aka Fish) Salmon, and from then on they became friends and started rehearsing together at Fish’s’ house and along with his friend Lloyd they went on to help form the girl group The Sadonians & Fish penned their songs: The idea was for the group to take turns to record solo. Janette sang the lead on their first recording ‘The Day Will Come’.


    1977 - The Day Will Come – produced by Neville King – this was their first recording done at Gooseberry Studies in the West End and engineered by Dennis Bovell. This record reached number 4 in the British Reggae Charts – Black Echoes.

    Their second recording, was sung by Audrey was done in 1979 – ‘Goodbye My Love’ produced by John Rubie – Freedom Sounds and this song reached number 2 in the charts and is their biggest to-date. It is still being played today.

    By the third record, Janette was not too well and it was left to Audrey to record Disappointments. This was their last recording as The Sadonians, which was also produced by John Rubie on the Freedom Sounds record label.

    The Sadonians did invite another girl into the group, Sista Gwen, and they recorded a Roots song called “In Our Hearts” but it was not released. This was the last recording for the Sadonians and due to some dispute with the Producer the group split and went their separate ways by 1980. For some unknown reason The Sadonians did not to perform live as a group so they were never seen on the circuit. Audrey actually started performing live in the late 90’s as a solo artist after finishing her College Course.

    Audrey was introduced to the Riddim Squad band in East London in the mid 80’s, while working at The One Love Centre in Plaistow. They got together and performed at various venues in and around the community for a number of years on and off. They performed at many venues: Bridge House2 in Canning Town, Mau Mau in Portobello Road, Weddings, Birthdays, Clubs, Pubs & Park Festivals (Britannia), Newham Central Park (twice) and the last show was the One Love Concert 2010.

    In the early 90’s Audrey met a Producer Jah Larry from the Clarendon Sounds Record label who was interested in producing her and she recorded several singles that are on her debut album ‘Step by Step’, which was released on the Prestige Record label in 1994. The Heptones Barry & Earl where also working with the same producer and they provided backing vocals on some of the songs.  Lindel Lewis engineered, Elroy Bailey, Sly Dunbar, Alan Weekes, Steely Johnson, Fish and members of The Crucial Vibes band from Jamaica were the musicians that played on the album.

    Audrey also provided backing vocals for Anthony Johnson’s ‘Together’ album on the same label. The song Brandy, from the album was released in Jamaica and played on Irie fm. In between those times Audrey was still in contact with Fish and they worked together doing various gigs in and around London as a duo, he playing keyboards and singing too.

    In the late 90’s Audrey was introduced to the Reggae Vibes Band who were rehearsing at The Triangle Workshop in Stoke Newington and they worked together performing at clubs and had the pleasure of working with U Brown. 

    In 1998 Audrey was persuaded by a friend (Georgette Wilson) to start performing again as a Lovers Rock Singer, Georgette put Audrey on the bill @ York Hall with Louisa Marks, Jean Binta Breeze, Felicity Ethnic and many more for The Windrush 50th Anniversary. It was a success and Audrey was able to get some advice from Louisa Marks while working with her. Audrey performed at The Black British awards show at The Ocean; she also had a write up in the Gleaner. 

    Audrey has been working and touring England with various promoters: Orlando Gittens, Sir Lloyd, Bagga John & Mikey Koos, with the Lovers Rock fraternity, performing at:

    The O2 London, Jazz Café, The Ocean, Hackney Empire, The Tower Ballroom in Birmingham, Festival Hall Croydon, Hammersmith Apollo.
    Manchester, Bradford and many more.

    With artistes such as:

    Carroll Thompson, Winsome, Paulette Tajah, Janet Kay, Sandra Cross, Sylvia Tella, Michael Gordon, Trevor Walters, Paul Dawkins, John McLean, Barry Biggs, Barry Boom, Lloyd Brown, Susan Cadogan, Winston Reedy, Vivian Jones, Joy Mack, Peter Hunnigale, Tradition, Al Campbell, Toyin Adekale, Donna Marie, Don Campbell, Tippa Irie, Omar, Jocelyn Brown, Don Ricardo plus many more.

    Worked with Roots Artistes such as Sista Aisha, Mad Professor, Dr. Alimantado, Black Slate, Mighty Diamonds, Joy Mack, Afrikan Simba, Solo Banton, Papa Levi, Mutabaruka, Lioness Fonts, Nereus Joseph, Ruff Cut Band to name a few.
    Went to Greece twice while working with Mad Professor.

    Recently, Audrey performed at The One Love Concert with The Riddim Squad Band, appearing alongside Julian Marley and Luciano.

    Radio Interviews:
    Choice fm 2005
    Concious Radio … Empress Marion 2010
    Galaxy Radio - 2010
    Ketchdis Ketchdat (B’ham) 2010
    Little Richie & Chicken George (B’ham) 2010
    Papa Ray – Jam1online radio
    King C – Rhythm 365.net
    Stockade Radio - www.stockadepromotions.co.uk

    She has made several appearance at The Lovers Rock Lounge, run by Carroll Thompson and her husband and has had the honour of working with Omar, Kwest, Paul Dawkins, Dennis Bovell, Black Slate, Sista Ika (Sister Love) & Joy Mack & Dee Sharp.

    Audrey has been working with Afrikan Simba - Goodly Words @ The Arch Brixton & Leyton Football Club
    Role Model – Government Empire - Silent Whispers and Visions – Lions in audience with the Lioness, alongside Nerious Joseph, Lioness Fonts, Sylvia Tella, Joy Mack, Kandake, Ras Kinah among others.

    In May 2010 Audrey headlined at the Hootananny with The Earth Defender Band alongside, Christine Joy White, Rohan Irie, J’Marie & Incient Angel among others.
    She also provided backing vocals for Lovella Ellis for her show later on in the year. 

    In Celebration of my Sisters was an ambition fulfilled when Audrey sang at The Festival Hall in Croydon with Queen Afua headlining. The night before Audrey sang at The Excelsior for Tony Williams.

    Other performances

    Stratford Circus

    Mellow Mix for the Haitian Benefit Concert 2010 with Donna Marie
    G-Mag Gala - Manor Club 2010 guest artist Marcia Griffiths
    Cultural Music Festival – 2010 Chocolate City E6
    Jazz Café – Lovers Rock Royalty with Sandra Cross, Cool Notes & Michael Gordon 2010
    Norwood Banqueting Suite 2010 with Paul Dawkins
    The RS Lounge 2011 – With Barry Biggs

    Audrey can be heard on Nereus Josephs current album – BV’s - Real Rebels Can’t Die.

    Valentines Dance @ Norwood Banqueting Suite Sat 12th Feb 2011

    Audrey is part of The Lovers Rock Fraternity that are organizing a new radio station called Metropolis fm, that will be playing music For Black British Reggae Music/Artistes.
    The first show on Monday 2nd May was held at The Music Bar in Brixton it was hosted by Tippa Irie and there will be more shows in order to raise funds towards this venture.

    She has been working with Michael Vaughan (Robin Hood Productions)
    If You Knew
    Not Compatible
    Hey Paula
    These tracks will be on the forthcoming album

    Currently, Audrey is working at The Sounds of Cushites Label, with Starkey Banton producing her tracks on her new album, with some songs to be released as singles.
    She also provides backing vocals for the artists at Cushites Studio

    And she has joined the Management team of MFW that manages Lovella Ellis and is looking forward to the future with them

    New songs recorded:

    Cross The Border – prod. C. Robinson
    With Delroy Pinnock and Alan Weekes

    Hey Paula – Audrey & Ricky – prod. Robin Hood
    If You Knew – prod. Robin Hood
    We are Not Compatible – prod. Robin Hood

    I’m Alive – prod. Starkey Banton
    Stay With Me – Audrey & Starkey Banton – prod. Starkey Banton
    Cougar – Audrey & Ras Kinah
    Tenderly – Audrey
    I Never Thought – Audrey
    Life – Audrey
    My Sunshine

    I’m Alive is now being played on various radio stations with good response.