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14:01-- Brenda: Amen
14:01-- Brenda: Daddy
14:01-- Brenda: YES
14:01-- Brenda: Amen BLESSED
14:02-- Brenda: Dr Gloria
14:02-- Brenda:
14:03-- Brenda: K
14:03-- Brenda:
14:03-- Zelmah: Great Message. I have taken my notes and I will be feasting.
14:04-- Brenda: Sis Zelmah
14:06-- Brenda: PRAISE
14:06-- Brenda: I need you
14:06-- Brenda: Yes
14:07-- Brenda: LOVE you family I need you to servive
14:07-- Brenda: Smile
14:07-- Brenda: I LOVE you n need you
14:08-- Brenda: Tears of joy
14:08-- Brenda: I'm this huge Universe God gave me you
14:08-- Brenda: I LOVE you
14:09-- Brenda:
14:10-- Brenda: Bless up
14:10-- Brenda: Sang it
14:11-- Brenda: Amen
14:11-- Brenda: Holla
14:11-- Brenda: It out ya mouth
14:11-- Brenda: So others may HEAR
14:12-- Brenda: BELIEVERS
14:12-- Brenda: AMEN
14:12-- Brenda: YES
14:12-- Brenda: LOVE YOU
14:12-- 10StarGeneral: Have a blessed sunday family
14:12-- Brenda: BLESS UP
14:14-- Sharon: Yes 10 Star General Blessed Sunday
14:14-- Sharon: Have a Bless day Sis Zelmah & Brenda
14:15-- Zelmah: Blessed Sunday everyone. I am going to review my Lessons.
14:16-- Zelmah: Sista SHARON , Sister Brenda and Brother 10 Star General Have a blessed day you and your family. LOVE you