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13:55-- Brenda: Get your lies and go
13:55-- Brenda: Your not needed for nuttin
13:55-- Brenda: We rebuke your lies
13:56-- Brenda: Only YHWH IS HERE
13:56-- Brenda: TSOPMUSIC.NET
13:56-- Brenda: AMEN
13:57-- Brenda:
13:57-- Brenda: Yes
13:57-- Brenda: Family
13:58-- Brenda: Pray
13:58-- Brenda: Time is Running OUT
13:59-- Brenda: DION SO BE IT SO
13:59-- Sharon: Chune
13:59-- Brenda: There are,2_dishes in my roof
14:00-- Brenda: In midwest I M IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME
14:00-- Brenda: BRAP
14:01-- Brenda: AMEN
14:01-- Brenda: BOW DOWN
14:01-- Brenda: LOVE
14:01-- Zelmah: I lost connection. My security provider listed my hotel connection as insage and a high risk and wont allow me to connect. My computer ctashed because someone was trying to hack into it so I am limited by phone. Eas able to call in to Blog Talk.
14:02-- Lady General: Okay Sis Zelmah
14:03-- Brenda: Teddy is singing
14:03-- Brenda: Rejoice
14:04-- Sharon: Powerful Message
14:05-- Sharon: Thanks Lady General , have a blessed week sis
14:06-- Sharon: Later Sis Zelmah
14:06-- Brenda: Zelma
14:06-- Sharon: Later Brenda
14:06-- Brenda: Sista
14:06-- Lady General: Thanks Sis SHARON for your support always. Have a blessed Sunday. Speak to you soon.
14:06-- Lady General: Thanks everyone for tuning in.
14:06-- Sharon: Yes Lady Genaral nuff LOVE Sis
14:07-- Sharon: Yes Lady General Nuff LOVE Nuff Respect Sis
14:10-- Brenda: LOVE
14:11-- Brenda: Got to go
14:11-- Brenda: Bkess up