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20:02-- Sharon: Chune
20:03-- Shocking Murray: ChDan
20:09-- Brenda: BSF
12:11-- Zelmah: Good morning Bro Nehemiah 10 Stsr Genetal. I can't spend time in chst room today. Hettibg read for today's event. I have to make sure DION takes it easy and get him to the Church on Time.
12:12-- 10StarGeneral: Morning Sis
12:12-- 10StarGeneral: Have an Awesome time
12:13-- 10StarGeneral: This is a re - Broadcast
12:14-- Zelmah: Good morning Stockade Chatroom family. Sista SHARON , Lady General , Sister Brenda, and everyone listening. Bountiful Blessings.
12:14-- Zelmah: Chune
12:17-- Sharon: Blessed Sunday 10 Star General , Lady General & Sis Zelmah
12:18-- Sharon: Greetings to one and all Sis Zelmah
12:21-- 10StarGeneral: This Is A Re- Broadcast
12:22-- Zelmah: Love it.
12:22-- Sharon: Great
12:23-- Sharon: Wow...
12:25-- 10StarGeneral: Morning SHARON
12:27-- Sharon: Yes 10 Star General Blessed Good Morning
12:32-- Zelmah: Listening in the background. Chune
12:33-- 10StarGeneral: Ok Sis Zelmah
12:37-- Sharon: Chune
12:42-- Brenda: Much respect
12:44-- Brenda: Zelmah did
12:45-- 10StarGeneral: Morning sis Brenda
12:46-- Brenda: Morning Bro tend
12:46-- Brenda: Ten Star General
12:47-- Brenda: SHARON Sis
12:47-- Brenda: Ten Star General
12:53-- Sharon: Yes Brenda , blessed Good Morning
12:54-- Brenda: Bless up
12:59-- Sharon: Chune
13:05-- Brenda:
13:11-- Sharon: Chune
13:16-- Brenda: BSF
13:22-- Sharon: Amen
13:56-- Sharon: Haleelujah
13:57-- Sharon: Halleluhah