Teri - International Recording Artist

Teri is an International Singer/Songwriter originally from Kingston Jamaica, currently living in Toronto, Canada. She has also spent a significant period of time living in the UK.

Music has been her passion for as long as she can remember. She grew up singing in the church and also at her local primary school. Teri describes singing as an escape mechanism - a way to escape anything and everything, from the most delightful moments to those that she was often too shy to deal with.  "Music was, and still is, the answer to everything for me" she articulates. Music, she said, defines her in every way; to the point that without music she feels lost and empty.

Teri best relates to feelings and emotions through music and she expresses herself eloquently through this medium by writing and singing how she is feeling inside. "Music opens my mind and soul to loving and accepting beyond my understanding" she enthuses, "I find sounds and melodies both intoxicating and overwhelming. It takes me on a journey that nothing in this world can or could even begin to describe..." Teri is clearly at her best with music reflecting every mood she could possibly experience or dream of.  She sums this up quite aptly:  "Music is the one thing in this world that has the ability to capture the full and true essence of my being inside out. Music takes my breath away without trying, caring or noticing that it has done so."

Teri considers music to be her Kryptonite. She says that it is the only thing on earth that can hurt her with its smooth sensuality and its impeccable flawlessness.  It taps into her sensitivity with no sympathy for her vulnerabilities and she invariably succumbs to its energy with her nerve endings on fire hungry for the next sojourn, until she sings another line, hums another melody or composes another song.  

Teri is not new to the music industry; she has worked with Producers such as: Computer Paul, Robert Livingston, Rowen Johnson, Clive Hunt and features on a compilation project which includes the legendary Sly & Robbie.  She has seven singles currently released on iTunes: Whispery Conversation’, ‘My Every Thing’, ‘Beautiful Hurts’, ‘Not Just Another Girl’, ‘Sweet Baby’, ‘Put It On Me’ (ft Lego Banton) and ‘I’m Free’. All were released on the Love Injection label.

In 2014 Teri was introduced to Mightyful13 Records Producer Fitzroy Francis via D Boss Global Agency. She has recently entered into a recording agreement with the label to release her first single for 2014, a rendition of the late great Sam Cooke’s “Bring it On Home to Me”.  This will be released worldwide by VPAL on the 27th May, and is already attracting significant pre-release air-play in Jamaica, the USA, Canada and the UK.

For further information, or to book Teri, please contact her Management Team on 416-998-7850 or via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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