Jah Fagan

Jah fagan born lloyd fagan in september rule under the sign virgo. grew up in the white hall avenue area, attend swallow field all age school then unto trench town high school, town comprehensive high. I started singing at school concert then link up with King Challenger Sound where i started a d j career along side Caggy Weller and Kaya Morgan.

My first recording was with Harry Jay studio where i did a song entitled Ricky ting after leaving school. i then went and work with Ministry of National SJecurity. I later link up Winston Riley [ now deceased] and did a song titled 'What a go down.' on his Technique label. that song did well in California. I later worked as a manager with Pizza Hut for couple years. i also did two songs namely ;'Troublesome Winsome and ''Calamity on the Steppa Label , these songs did well in England, All these achievements were in the eighties and early nineties. I later worked as a manager with Pizza Hut for couple years.

Has time progressed i later linked up with Don T, Fargo vice from the fame You See Fargo and Boom Tony where we rehearse and enhance our musical skill. Fargo Vice then build a little pro tool studio in 2006 and there the big tunes Jah Jah save Me ,Giddeon Boot and others were voiced, Fargo Vice migrated to Florida and Don T took over with the Dream Team label along side engineers Hasani (Sniche) Williams and Kalfani. Songs like "Red again" A Who Them, Chant , Nubian Queen and others where penned and sung by me.

Jah Fagan is a very humble person easy to work with very understanding,I love all genre of music with reggae my number one, I cannot and will not mention my influences too many to call there is so many great artist and great songs.I write songs that will lift up people out of the quagmire of despondency especially the poor and unfortunate ones.Music is the ultimate, the greatest medium that brings people of all nation together in love and harmony.

Oceans of respect for all who is playing and promoting Jah fagan, nuff respect general culture stockade promotion radio and sister station ,motherland promotion and every one out there in reggae land.Peace Love and Unity father time Mother earth willing one love. Bless up Fragga Ranks brother for life also Boom to Tony.

Jah Fagan is seeking a good management team to work with. 

my contact number is 18763859247.
I can also be linked via email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
face book- www.facebook/jah fagan.
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