Tony Anthony

TONY ANTHONY lyrics and his music demonstrate the deepness of his consciousness, and exemplify the vast profundity of his creativity. His musical emergence has revealed a man empowered about life, himself, and his own destiny. This discloses that Tony Anthony is ready to expose his lyrical and vocal brilliance to the world, and has accepted his role to enlighten, and bring awareness to people through his words, and his music.

Mark Bennett, aka “Tony Anthony” was born on Oct 29th in St Catherine, Jamaica. He started pursuing singing at the age of 14, when a chance encounter with Glen Washington at a high school concert became the catalyst for his entry into music. Washington complemented him on his unique voice and encouraged him to pursue music as a career.

For many years Tony performed and honed his musical skills in Jamaica alongside reggae greats such as Cocoa Tea, Crucial Vibes,Glen Washington, Junior Reid, Delroy Wilson and Sugar Minott. He migrated to Canada in the early nineties where he continued is musical journey and flexed his songwriting flair, lent his lyrical and vocal magic to soul group After Dark, whose first single “Took me for Granted” became a hit in the Canadian and European dance scene.

Tony Anthony’s songwriting skills further came to the forefront when he penned all the original tracks on the Tatix CD, "Time Bomb" which won a Canadian reggae music award for best album and garnered a Juno nomination for “Best Reggae Recording”.

In 2007 Tony Anthony’s songs “Mark and the Beast” and “Yuh Nuh Simple” won him world acclaim as both songs were heavily rotated and charted on reggae radio worldwide.
“Yuh Nuh Simple” took him further in the world music spectrum when U.N.I.C.E.F Canada used it to help spread the message of education importance to children and youths.

Tony Anthony independently released his first solo album “Million Chance” in 2010. The album and 3 singles from the cd “Torn”, “Bad News” and “Love you so much” all won him world acclaim and has topped reggae charts in Canada, Jamaica, Italy, Kenya, Gambia, Holland, New York, Florida, and The U.S Virgin Islands.The album debut on the Italian reggae album chart on February 15th 2011 and stayed for one year.
His album was nominated in the “Best Reggae Recording” category in the 2011 JUNO Awards and also got a nomination in the “Break through artist of the year” category at the 2011 EME Awards in Jamaica.

At the 2011 Canadian Reggae Music Achievement Awards Tony Anthony won the awards for “Best male vocalist”, “Best songwriter” and “Best Reggae Album”.

In summer of 2011 he collaberated with German roots reggae clothing company Jah Army Highwear and English Producer Kris kemist to produce the hit single “Living Up” which topped the reggae singles chart in Italy and New York. Tony Anthony is presently working on his next album with top reggae producer Kemar “Flava” Mcgregor, who produced and released his latest EP “Blessed Love” which includes chart topping singles “Living in Glory”, “Settle Down” and “Ecstacy”. In 2012 Tony Anthony continued to bring his music to the world touring the U.S.A, Europe, Canada, The Caribbean, and South America to rave reviews.

Tony Anthony’s music has revealed the essence of his lyrical and vocal potency. It definitely has demonstrated his ability to merge into music effortlessly and express an evocative style that will certainly establish him as an unforgettable luminary in music.