Respect cannot be learned,purchased or acquired , it can only be earned.
Amaziah by virtue of her acute artistic integrity and sense of creative purpose, has acquired an ever increasing public who truly appreciate her for her work, dedication & honesty.

One is here talking about an artist initially weaned on the Gospel of Mahalia Jackson, who has flourished to now be consummately at ease with many sounds & styles whether incorporating Reggae, Jazz, soul, blues and tinges of Rock.

Amaziah is an artist who is preoccupied with conveying & transmitting her delivery in order to emotionally nourish her audience to a high standard of feeling, by touching their most intimate musical centres & energising them.

In a live stage Performance one can witness a woman seeking to expand the capacities of her voice, searching into herself to create new dimensions  of vocal expressiveness, though always within the confines of creative Quality control.

As a singer/songwriter Amaziah,s own compositions are both celebratory & healing, & by fully understanding the language of live performance, she is able to project her warmth & passion with potency.  By virtue of this, anyone irrespective of age or background is able to connect with her message.
There is absolutely no doubt that this artist is a musical commodity of a high calibre.
Amaziah's music is about Love,Unity, & peace, and against antipathy,discord & hate. With a driven belief in the power of the spirit affecting the quality of the art, her singing expression can, at times seem meditative & it is this that attracts soothing the listeners ear.

Amaziah's latest work is with musician, producer & musical engineer Mr DEREK FEVRIER ( A.K.A DEMONDO).
Mr Fevrier contacted Amaziah to work on a new project he started in 2011, called NU-LOVERS. This was a 2 cd album with various artists called Damsels & crooners. This was to be the first of the NU-LOVERS productions. They have since gone on to record the 2nd NU-LOVERS album due for release early this year again with various artists.

Amaziah & Derek Fevrier have also just completed Amaziah's DEBUT ALBUM. Also due for release this year, the Album features CIYO BROWN on guitars, truly a magnificent sound.

AMAZIAH an artist true to her creative temperament with a stage presence you can feel.