ROLLY PHILLIP known to reggae fans as ABBA Int’l was born in Trinidad and Tobago on 3rd January 1976. Although he was born in the country area of Manzanilla, much of his childhood was spent in Diego Martin. From his early childhood, ABBA Int’l was exposed to several types of genres of music from both sides of the family. A mixture of early country western music and the Caribbean sounds of reggae and calypso were the basis for his musical explorations. As ABBA Int’l grew, he accepted Rastafari and this livity reflected in his music. His compositions range from songs reflecting the principles of Rastafari to the issues that affect the less fortunate and oppressed in society. At times his messages are biblical or historical. On other occasions his songs are a cry for equality and justice or of encouragement. With a high energy delivery and style of singing that can be compared to none, ABBA Int’l continues to attract fans while spreading his messages of reality. With songs such as Without You, Been Too Long in Babylon and the controversial I Wanna Live.

ABBA Int’l continues to produce reggae music of an international standard and worthy of an appearance on any stage. Stay tuned for new tracks such as Why Worry and In this World Right Now. As reggae continues to go forward in the realms of entertainment in Trinidad, ABBA Int’l has been able to gain more exposure and recognition by being part of the recently concluded Guiness Greatness on the Move Tour. The crowds were most receptive of his songs as he was often recalled for encores. Since the shows were broadcasted live over the internet, ABBA Int’l attracted listeners from around the world. During the Tour, ABBA Int’l shared the stage with artistes such as Marlon Asha, Prophet Benjamin, King David, Ziggy Rankin, Daniel Bless, Jah Banton and Jah Fire to name a few. With an attitude of hard work and discipline, ABBA Int’l remains in a class of his own. With support from his friends, family and fans, ABBA int’l continues to trod the righteous road with the guidance of Jah.


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