Jennifer Barrett

My name is Jennifer Barrett an international singer i did my first recording in 1989 with new name recording Studio the song is entitle This World Is Filled With War. I then met Toots and the Maytals and did an album for him which was not release. After that i started touring with the Wailers, it was a very great experience for me, fortunately i met two producers from Switzerland there label is Addis Records. I did a few songs with them, namely,justice, world suffering, dont pressure me and Mr jacket and tie, which did very well in Europe.

I then started touring into Europe it was a very exciting time for me to see the People loving me massively. I continue to work with producers from France and did a song currently entitled "Jah love is over all" and "All mine" with Romyk. These two songs are getting a lot of attention. I am happy that my name is arriving around the world at this time. I share love with my fans and continue to give them great music. My aim is to bring the world together to accept the power of Jah love and also to collect the Grammy awards. I tour Countries such as France, Brazil, New Zealand,Germany,Spain Norway,Italy, Canada and America.

I hope to see you soon in the other parts of the world. I am your singer Jennifer Barrett from Jamaica one love one people one heart one music one Jah.