Junie Ranks

Born in the urban city capital of Kingston, Jamaica-West Indies, and grew up on the rural plains of Old Harbour, St. Catharine, June Evans a.k.a. Junie Ranks, the only female dee-jay with "Ranks" behind her name, not to be mistaken for Lady Junie. Many fans often think that they are one and the same but they are not. Lady Junie has now changed her name to Junie Platinum.  

At a young age Junie Ranks fell head over heels in love with the dee-jaying fraternity of the reggae music industry and made constant strides to becoming better and better. Junie grew up listening to artists such as, Lady Ann, Sister Nancy, Jackie Statement, Sister Verna and Mama Liza.  Junie was definitely influenced by her predecessors, but became outstanding in creating her own unique style.  Junie Ranks began the unveiling of her unique musical talent when she came to grips with her true inner passion of monotone speeches and lyrical propensities and expressions. At a young age, she would gravitate towards the melodious sounds of dee-jay music insomuch that she would recall with candor the nights when she sneaked out of her home to perform at the community center youth club, "Afreak," where she was often greeted with thunderous applauses as she propounded a host of catchy lyrics to the instrumental rhythms that were being played.

She quickly became a local sensation while dee-jaying on ET Sound System and on Technique Disco where she initially got her first big break. Junie's then road manager, Everton March, a.k.a "Fatta March," aided her in getting her first national exposure when he applied for her to enter the annual Taste's Talent Concert where she rocked the crowds of the many thousand who attended in 1984, as she performed, the audience responded with rapturous applause in confirmation of the musical impact she created.

Junie's goal was that she be heard both locally and internationally, and, therefore went in pursuit of a suitable producer. At that time, there were three major music producers in the reggae/dancehall arena: Winston Riley, King Tubby's and King Jammy's.  She was introduced to Winston Riley who promptly tested her lyrical capabilities by asking her to rap a couple musical lines, to which she responded immediately with a hoard of lyrics from off the top of her head. She had impressed him with an unparallel display that on the same night he took her to the studio to record her first single, Counteraction on the stag-a-lag rhythm which did well overseas.  That set up another big deal which allowed her the opportunity to record the answer to Admiral Bailey's "Ge-Me-Punaany" with        Ge-Me-De Buddy.   She also answered Super Cat's "See Boops Deh" with Cry Fe Me Boops which made it to the number five spot on the local chart.

Junie did other tracks such as Big and Ready, Dibby Dibby Man, Naw Stop Ge Bun, Sweetest Girl a combination with Wayne Wonder, Lick Out 'Gainst De Man Dem and Sea of Love featuring John Mouse which went to number one in Canada in 1990, and give her the Female D.J. of the Year title in that country. She did tracks like Entertainer Party, Dream of Me with Jimmy London and the list goes on.

  This prolific artist, time and again has distinguished herself by her continued display of proficiency and lyrical aptitude by chanting on sound systems like:  Lee's Unlimited, Stone Love Sound, Super Rock, Metro Media, Gemini, Killamanjaro, Black Scorpio, King Atarus and Body Guard to name a few.  

Junie Ranks has had the distinction of performing with the best in the business such as: Maxi Priest, Bunny Wailer, Chaka Demus, Ninja Man, Freddie McGregor, Lady Patra, Judy Mowaat, Shabba Ranks Super Cat, Rita Marley, Junior Reid, Yellow Man, Beenie Man and many more. She also performed on Sting, Sun Splash, Sun Fest, Champion in Action and Beach Bash among many other appearances. Junie was the first female dee-jay to call a man on stage to show them what her waistline was made of and often demonstrated that she was the Dee Jay Dance Champion. Her music has most definitely circulated the globe and has impacted fans everywhere.  While her music has taken her around the world, it has made unprecedented imprints in countries, many states in the USA, England, Barbados, Grenada, Bermuda and Antigua among other important places. Currently affiliated with DASK Entertainment, Junie is working on some new materials for her upcoming album.  Look out for her latest musical repertoire, which will be in stores in the 2011.  Junie Ranks sends salutations to all her fans, especially internationally, whom she thanks for their years of faithful support.  She looks forward to performing for them again.  

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